2018 GCSANC Staff Directory

Dear GCSANC Members,

As most of you know, Connerly and Associates, Inc. has managed our day to day operations for the past few years. As a Board, we are extremely pleased with this collaboration and look forward to working with them in the years to come. We would like to introduce the staff, job duties, and contact information. This will allow members the ability to discuss items with the staff directly if desired.

Rebecca Keeley, Administrative Assistant

Member relations, Event registrations/name badges/event assistance, Collections, Product order fulfillment

E-mail: rkeeley@connerlyandassociates.com, Phone: (916) 454-1320 Ext. 103


Julia Barajas-Cisneros, Senior Consultant

Event Planning and implementation, GCSAA points

E-mail: juliacisneros@aol.com, Phone: (916) 454-1320 Ext. 112


Simone Youngblood, Communications Consultant

Email announcements, Event materials, Website

E-mail: connerlycommunications@gmail.com, Phone: (916) 454-1320 Ext. 115


Maria Wihren, Accounting Specialist

Financial recordkeeping and reporting

Email: accounting@connerlyandassociates.com, Phone: (916) 454-1320 Ext. 116


Ryan Connerly, Associate Consultant

Membership database

E-mail: rconnerly@connerlyandassociates.com, Phone: (916) 454-1320 Ext. 105


Marc Connerly, Executive Director

Board liaison, Advocacy, Sponsorships, DPR points

E-mail: mconnerly@connerlyandassociates.com, Phone: (916) 214-6495


Hopefully this information will help you with inquiries in the future. Along with that, the Board is always available to answer any questions. Our contact information can be found on the website directory. We look forward to serving you, and hope to see everyone at this year’s events.


Stacy L. Wallace, Director of Golf Course Maintenance, Bay Club StoneTree

President, GCSA of Northern California