Introducing the New GCSANC Preferred Partner Program

The Board of Directors and staff of the Golf Course Superintendents Association of Northern California (GCSANC) are very pleased to introduce to you the new GCSANC Preferred Partner Program here, replacing the GCSANC Annual Sponsorship Program. Not only does the program have a new name, acknowledging the important relationship between Affiliate members and the association, but it also includes a wide array of added benefits intended to provide you with maximum value for your investment in GCSANC, including complimentary event attendance, the opportunity to bring superintendents or assistants as your guest, GCSAA education credits for holding a qualifying event at your facility (Titanium level or higher), and more.

The program was designed with the intent of providing “one-stop shopping” for vendors seeking exposure to GCSANC members throughout the year, and eliminating “going back to the well” for additional event sponsorships on top of the annual contribution.

A great deal of effort went into the creation and refinement of this document, both on the part of the Board and GCSANC staff, and we believe it is a big step in a very positive direction. In part because the effort was led by GCSANC Affiliate Director Coby Byers of Turf Star, we believe the new Preferred Partner Program captures the needs and desires of our Affiliate members. We appreciate Coby’s efforts to this initiative.

On a final note, you should have already received your 2020 Affiliate dues invoice. All of the Partner levels include one or more Affiliate memberships, so if you have paid your 2020 Affiliate dues and would like to upgrade to an Annual Partner level, simply call the GCSANC office at (916) 485-6364 and we will adjust your Partnership invoice to reflect a credit for the Affiliate membership. If you have not yet paid your Affiliate invoice, simply register online as an Annual Partner, and we will activate your Affiliate membership and void the current dues invoice.

Please let me know if you have any questions about the new GCSANC Preferred Partner Program, and thank you for participating in the Golf Course Superintendents Association of Northern California.

Marc Connerly, Executive Director