2020 Bert Graves Affiliate Merit Award: Suzanne Johnson, Pacific Material Resources

Unbeknown to Suzanne, her path to Owner and President of Pacific Material Resources started soon after graduating high school. Upon graduation, she got a job with Bank of America. With the help of good mentors, she was able to self-teach the financing and accounting principles that led her into an accounting position with Santa Clara Transfer.

In 2008, Suzanne saw an opportunity to go on her own with Pacific Material Resources. Asked if it was difficult being a woman in the industry, Suzanne said, “it’s ironically not as much of an old boys network as you’d think.”

Being a woman in the industry actually gave Suzanne an opportunity. With many government contracts, there are tax incentives to use locally owned and minority run businesses. Couple that with her hard work and passion for the job she does for her customers, and you have a recipe for success.

Shortly after 2008, Suzanne folded her passion for golf into her business and joined GCSANC to make the contacts in golf. Suzanne got into golf because her husband of 48 years, Steve, wanted to play golf with someone on their vacations. She loves the sport because she can do it individually or take part in a team game when she wants. It’s also relaxing for her after a stressful day at work.

What makes a stressful day for Suzanne? Lately it’s the computer systems, but also meeting customer’ expectations. She always wants to do a good job for her customers, and she puts a lot of pressure on herself to do so.

The most appealing part in the golf industry for Suzanne is researching new products to meet customers’ needs.

In addition to golf, Suzanne likes to run and go boating. Suzanne and Steve have a home on Marla Bay, where they’ll occasionally take the boats or wave runners out to watch the Edgewood Classic.

Suzanne and Steve have two children, Stefania and Shawn, whom she sees as frequently as possible, although they live in Kentucky and San Diego, respectively. She also gets to enjoy her 4 grandchildren, ages 5,4,3,2.