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Annual Awards

The GCSANC presents awards annually to its members in recognition of their exceptional service and accomplishments on behalf of the association. The selections are made by the Awards committee, which is chaired by the immediate past president and includes geographical representation from other non board member superintendents and an affiliate member.
Nominations are submitted by the general membership, as well as by members of the Awards committee. Each nominee will be evaluated within the guidelines established by the committee and award winners will be decided by a vote exercised by the committee.

Superintendent of the Year

This award is presented annually to a superintendent whom has made contributions for the betterment of the GCSANC, its members and the golf course superintendent’s profession. Evaluation criteria for this award should include local or national committee participation, community service that represents the industry in a positive light, or local association participation.

Superintendent of the Year Recipients

1974: Clifford A. Wagoner CGCS
1975: John Engen
1976: Kas Maseba
1977: Robert E. Livesey CGCS
1978: Roy King
1979: Grady Simril
1982: James Ross
1983: Robert H. Ford CGCS
1984: Allan D. Schlothauer CGCS
1985: Kenneth A. Sakai,CGCS
1986: Paul Dias, CGCS
1987: Steve Carlton, CGCS
1988: Rodney P. Kilcoyne
1989: Jean La Duc
1990: Joseph A. Rodriguez, CGCS
1991: Steve Good
1992: Robert J. Costa, CGCS
1993: Mike Basile
1994: Leon M. Snethen
1995: Randal C. Gai, CGCS
1996: Richard J. Lavine, CGCS
1997: Gary K. Carls, CGCS
1998: David Davies, CGCS
1999: No Award
2000: Raymond G Davies, CGCS
2001: Robert J Costa, CGCS
2002: Kenneth D Williams, CGCS
2003: Patrick R. Finlen, CGCS
2004: Terry Grasso
2005: Robert Lapic
2006: Brian Nettz, CGCS
2007: Gill Stiles
2008: Steve Byrne
2009: Gary Ingram, CGCS
2010: Thomas Bastis, CGCS
2011: Patrick R Finlen, CGCS
2012: Rodney Muller
2013: Wayne Kappelman
2014: Kevin Breen
2015: Brian Boyer
2016: Matt Muhlenbruch
2017: Jay Neunsinger
2018: Dustin McIntosh
2019: Chris Dalhamer
2020: Josh Clevenger
2021: Troy Flanagan
2022: Kevin Breen, La Rinconada


Excellence in Turfgrass Management: Public and Private*

This award is presented to a superintendent member who maintains his/her facility to a standard that reflects consistent, high quality playing conditions, while displaying exceptional agronomic and management skills. The resourcefulness of this individual is an important consideration in the selection criteria and may include factors such as, budget, site restrictions, rounds of golf, staff size, weather, etc..

*Distinction began in 2002 for private and public courses.

Excellence in Turfgrass Management Recipients 

1974: Gurmit Sandhu
1975: Bill Nigh
1977: Robert Ford
1978: Mulkh Raj
1979: Tom Thatcher
1982: Tim Sedgley
1983: Sohan Singh
1984: Frank Barberio
1985: James D. Ross
1986: Corey Eastvvood, CGCS
1987: Michael Garvale, CGCS
1988: Richard Scholes
1989: Dean Gump
1990: Gavid Sexton, CGCS
1991: Luciano Tonneli
1991: Randal C. Gai, CGCS
1992: Robert Klinesteker
1993: Michael Phillips
1994: Ray Story
1995: Larry E. Norman
1996: Anthony Steers
1997: Daniel Miller
1998: John Fleming
1999: *No Award*
2000: Walt Barrett
2001: Dennis Kerr
2002: Private Course: Lou Tonelli – Public Course: Brad Langley
2003: Private Course: Nick Checklenis – Public Course: Tom Bevan
2004: Private Course: Dean Gump – Public Course: Tim Powers, CGCS
2005: Private Course: Mathew Dunmyer – Public Course: Alan Andreasen, CGCS
2006: Private Course: Thomas Bastis, CGCS – Public Course: Kevin Pryseski, CGCS
2007: Private Course: Michael Vickers – Public Course: David Davies, CGCS
2008: Private Course: Scott Lewis, CGCS – Public Course: Brian Boyer
2009: Private Course: Michael Simpson, CGCS – Public Course: Brian Nettz, CGCS
2010: Private Course: Jeff Markow, CGCS – Public Course: Ryan Zuehlsdorf
2011: Private Course: Dale Engman – Public Course: Albelardo Pacheco
2012: Private Course:  Ken Williams, CGCS – Public Course: George Young
2013: Private Course: Jason Goss – Public Course: James Ferrin, CGCS
2014: Private Course: Sean Tully – Public Course: Tom Doyle
2015: *Not Awarded*
2016: Austin Daniells
2017: Private Course: Justin Mandon – Public Course: Denis Kerr
2018: Private Course: Scott Stambaugh – Public Course: Ed Bale
2019: Private Course: Ryan Maher – Public Course: Andy Magnasco
2020: Private Course: Steve Agin – Public Course:Vince Ferrante
2021: Private Course: Ryan Nicholson – Public Course: Steven Hoying
2022: Private Course: Kyle Butler – Public Course: Tim Powers

George Santana Distinguished Service Award

This award is presented to an individual who has displayed the highest level of professionalism while demonstrating a long-standing commitment, dedication and contribution to the GCSANC and the turfgrass industry.

George Santana Distinguished Service Award Recipients

1987: George Santana
1988: Kenneth A. Sakai, CGCS
1989: W.B. Davis
1990: Dr. M. Ali Harivandi
1991: Grady Simril
1992: Leonard A. Walsh
1993: John Lloyd
1994: Robert Livesey, CGCS
1995: Michael R. Clark, CGCS
1996: Clifford A. Wagoner, CGCS
1997: Gilbert R. Bibber
1998: Sohan Singh, CGCS
1999: Herbert Graves
2000: *Not Awarded*
2001: Joseph A. Rodriguez, CGCS
2002: Jim Ross
2003: Brian Bagley
2004: Gary K. Carls, CGCS
2005: Raymond G. Davies, CGCS
2006: Jim Husting, CGCS
2007: Kenneth Williams, CGCS
2008: David Sexton, CGCS
2009: Robert Costa, CGCS
2010: Richard J. Lavine, CGCS
2011: Jason Green
2012: Terry Grasso, CGCS
2013: Randal Gai, CGCS
2014: Gary Carls, CGCS
2015: Bob Lapic
2016: Tim Sedgley, CGCS
2017: Michael T. Garvale, CGCS
2018: Dave Davies
2019: Jack Holt
2020: Bob Klinesteker
2021: Don Naumann
2022: Mike Basile

Bert Graves Affiliate Merit Award

This award is presented annually to the Affiliate representative whom has made contributions resulting in the betterment of the GCSANC and its members.

Bert Graves Affiliate Merit Award Recipients 

1974: Joseph Sheffield
1975: Chuck Mangold
1976: Jack Baker
1977: John Steiner
1978: Bill Goodridge
1979: Donald Naumann
1982: Robert Holland
1983: Bennett Fuller Jr.
1984: Donald Scott
1985: Michael Ginelli
1986: Robert Pedersen
1987: John Winskowicz
1988: Emil Yappert
1989: Robert Muir Graves
1990: Donald Naumann
1991: Tom Jackson
1992: Charles Dalpozzo
1993: Carey Krefft
1994: Mitchel D. Fraiser
1995: Benjamin W.Showard
1996: Mike Ligon
1997: John Holmquist
1998: Steve Franzen
1999: No Award
2000: Russell D. Mitchell
2001: Rex Gentry
2002: Andy Slack
2003: Brian Gaunce
2004: Greg Fernald
2005: Len Tallo
2006: John Holmquist
2007: Peter Bowman, Cgcs
2008: Peter Bowman, Cgcs
2009: Donald Naumann
2010: Greg Dunn
2011: James Sherman Jr
2012: Dave Wilber
2013: Adrian Bertens & Michael Ligon
2014: Coby Byers
2015: Dean Kinney
2016: Mitchell Frasier
2017: Thor Larson
2018: Mike Parks
2019: Akoni Ganir
2020: Suzanne Johnson
2021: Joe Ballmer
2022: Akoni Ganir

President’s Award

This award is presented to a deserving person who has made contributions resulting in the betterment of the GCSANC and the golf industry.

President’s Award Recipients

2009: Jason Green presented to Ken Venturi
2010: Thomas Bastis, CGCS, presented to Terry Stratton
2011: Glenn Matthews presented to Richard H. Harris and Robert D. “Bo” Links
2012: Rodney Muller presented to Patrick Finlen,Cgcs
2013: Jon Christenson presented to Dr M. Ali Harivandi
2014: Gary Ingram, CGCS, presented to Barbara Mikel
2015: James Abate presented to Dr. James Baird
2016: Fernando Villagran-Costello presented to Thomas Bastis, CGCS
2017: Sean Tully presented to Terry Grasso, CGCS
2018: Stacy Wallace presented to Gary Ingram, CGCS
2019: Brian Boyer presented to Pat Gross, USGA
2020: Pete Bachman presented to Mark Mahady, Mark Mahady & Associates
2021: Not Awarded
2022: Josh Lewis presented to Jeff Markow, Cypress Point Golf Club