The Golf Course Superintendents Association Northern California Chapter (GCSANC) is a professional association committed to advancing the trade of golf course superintendents. The Golf Course Superintendents Association of Northern California is dedicated to serving its members, fostering communication, advancing the profession, improving the environment, and enriching the quality of golf.

By joining the GCSANC, you will be able to stay current on issues facing golf courses at a local and state level:

  • Meetings with speakers that are experts in their given field covering topics that impact our industry
  • Open communication updating members on current issues
2022 Tri-Chapter Meeting

GCSANC has the combined resources required to raise the value of attending regional meetings, which include education, golf, networking and fundraising:

  • Efforts to have a meeting in each region of our association’s geographical area
  • By attending meetings you will be able to learn and share new ideas amongst your fellow members and take those ideas back to your own course and strengthen your own facility

The GCSANC Board Members and Executive Director supply quality, streamlined communications to increase member services and member involvement:

  • Email communications, website, and newsletter will keep you informed about upcoming meetings, conferences, educational opportunities, and any news related to our association.
Our quarterly newsletter publication, Thru The Green

GCSANC provides a unified, powerful voice in advocacy issues, philanthropic activities and fund-raising efforts at the state and national level:

Annual Clifford & Myrtle Wagoner Scholarship & Research Meeting
  • Outreach with regional and state politicians, agencies, and water districts dealing with current and future issues that can affect our industry
  • Fundraising for scholarship and research efforts, along with funding advocacy efforts on our behalf

GCSANC works closely with industry partners and our members benefit from access to our affiliate partners:

  • Learn more about product and services offered by our affiliate members.
  • Work closely with our industry partners to disseminate information and products to our membership to the benefit of everyone

GCSANC members are recognized nationally as leaders in education, environmental advocacy and promoting the game of golf:

  • We have a number of past and current members of that have served on the GCSAA board and that also includes Past Presidents
  • Our members have a very solid record of providing a quality golf course that serves golfers, but also find that the environment needs to not only be protected, but enhanced!
GCSANC’s own Kevin Breen was elected as 2022 GCSAA President!

Join the Golf Course Superintendents Association of Northern California today.