Marc Connerly, Executive Director

Board liaison, Advocacy, Sponsorships, DPR points
E-mail: mconnerly@connerlyandassociates dot com, Phone: (916) 214-6495

Julia Barajas-Cisneros, Senior Consultant

Event Planning and implementation, GCSAA points
E-mail: juliacisneros@aol dot com, Phone: (916) 454-1320 Ext. 112

Simone Youngblood, Communications Consultant

Email announcements, Event materials, Website
E-mail: connerlycommunications@gmail dot com, Phone: (916) 454-1320 Ext. 115

Maria Wihren, Accounting Specialist

Financial recordkeeping and reporting
Email: accounting@connerlyandassociates dot com, Phone: (916) 454-1320 Ext. 116

Valaree Nash, Membership Management

Membership database
E-mail:, Phone: (916) 454-1320 Ext. 105

In Loving Memory of Staff Member
Rebecca Keeley, Administrative Assistant

Association Office:

2215 21st Street
Sacramento, CA 95818
Phone: 916-454-1320 • Fax (916) 456-7672