2023 Scholarship Applications Available Spring 2023!

The GCSANC offers two scholarships for students looking for higher education in their field of choice.

The Dr. M. Ali Harivandi Scholarship is awarded to students looking to study turf grass management with the intent of gaining work in the Turf industry in California.

The Legacy Scholarship is offered to immediate family members of GCSANC members in good standing who are pursuing education at a postsecondary school.

Scholarships are awarded with priority to turf students first, followed by Legacy applicants. Multiple winners are recognized.

Recipients will be notified several weeks before our annual Clifford & Myrtle Wagoner Scholarship & Research Tournament, and will be invited to attend the Tournament, as well, where they can be recognized as the Scholarship winners. Student membership for GCSANC is given to Clifford Wagoner scholarship winners for the length of their time at school.

Applications can also be emailed to info@connerlyandassociates.com.

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