Golf Course Superintendents Association of Northern California (GCSANC)
2235 Park Towne Cir., Floor 2, Sacramento, CA 95825
Phone Number: (916) 485-6364
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Association Fiscal Year
Membership Renewals
New Members
Membership Directory
Directory Updates
Student Members
Officers and Board or Directors
Board of Directors Meetings
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Reservation Policy
Cancellation Policy
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Meeting Attire
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February 1 to January 31

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GCSANC membership is non-transferable. All memberships are personal individual memberships. Anyone attending meetings who is not listed as a current member of GCSANC will be required to pay guest fees and needs to be accompanied by a GCSANC member. The GCSANC member is responsible for the guest fees.

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Renewal notices are sent out around the first of November. Renewals are due by December 31. Renewals not received by December 31 are assessed a late fee of $20. Any membership not renewed by January 31 is automatically rescinded. Applications are required to reinstate membership. Payment of initiation fees is required to reinstate after January 31. Any outstanding bills will be billed with your renewal, and must be paid with your renewal fees in order to complete your renewal.

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The membership classifications are listed in the membership section of the website. If you feel your classification should be changed, please contact the office for an application or use the Reclassification section on the website. Reclassification may require a new application. There is no fee or charge to reclassify, nor is there a need for a required attester signature.

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Membership information is found on our website where one can join our association by completing the application and submitting payment. There is a link to a PDF form for those who wish to pay by check. It is the policy of GCSANC that all new members are subject to a thirty-day waiting period after application for membership to the association. Please note the stated requirements for the specific category that fits your job position.

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GCSANC maintains an up-to-date online directory of the association membership. Each member has access to a searchable membership database on the association website

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At the time your membership renews you will be asked to update information including your addresses, phone numbers, work, status with the association, etc. Information from the prior year will be used unless you update it at membership renewal.

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The association offers a student classification. Each Scholarship Recipient is granted a courtesy membership as long as they remain a student. This extends to the last year as a student. The membership may be transferred to another classification within the association without the need for reapplication. Current fees for the news classification will be assessed.

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To be a member of the GCSANC you also need to be a member of the GCSAA. As of July 1, 1997, GCSAA requires dual membership for all Class A and Class B members. We feel every superintendent will benefit his/her career by joining both associations. Please note that Class C members and Affiliate are not required to be in good standing with both local and national associations.

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The officers of the association are President, Vice President, and Secretary Treasurer. There are four directors serving a two-year term. The immediate Past President serves for an additional year as a member of the board. There are two Affiliate liaisons to the board of directors serving a two-year term. An Assistant Superintendent Director serves a one year as a voting director. Annual elections are held in January to select a President, Vice President, & Secretary Treasurer. Each year one Affiliate liaison is elected by the Affiliate members to serve a two-year term. This position is responsible for providing the Board with insight on the needs and concerns of the Affiliate members. The Affiliate members are responsible for the Annual Scholarship Research & Education Tournament. Board Directors and officers should contact the association office regarding leadership material provided by GCSAA to new board members.

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Meetings will be made at a time convenient to all board members and at a location that is centrally located. Currently meetings are held in the morning to allow board members time to get back to work in a reasonable timeframe.

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Generally, the meeting agenda includes a period during registration at which you can meet and socialize with colleagues in the industry. The meeting starts with a general business meeting to update you on the status of the different committees in the organization, the association finances, and a forum to voice your opinions or ideas. This is followed by an education session that runs for approximately four hours. Education covers a myriad of topics including turf grass management, water management, and other relatable topics.

As the meetings are most often held in the mornings, lunch and golf follow the meeting portion in the afternoon. Golf is not mandatory; however you must attend the program in order to play golf.
Your meeting fee covers the cost of lunch, golf (if you choose to play), and administrative costs directly related to the meeting.

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Annual Meeting
Mid January
This meeting is where we review the previous year, elect new board members, and give out awards. All voting members are encouraged to attend this meeting.

This is a joint meeting that includes topics covered by USGA Green Section Agronomists with updates on current golf course management practices in the Western Region.

Field Day
Meeting is held at a golf course that has, or is doing some work on their course. Meeting highlights the work and allows for others to see the work and discuss as a group.

Clifford and Myrtle Wagoner Scholarship and Research Tournament
This event is a fundraiser that helps fund our scholarship program and the research efforts of Dr. Jim Baird at UC-Riverside and any other research deemed appropriate by the GCSANC Board.

Tri-Chapter Meeting
Meeting is held every third year at one of our associations courses. The meeting has some education followed by golf. Sierra Nevada and Central California round out the other chapters at this meeting.

The Institute
This meeting is education driven and offers a wider range of speakers to address issues that affect our members followed by golf.

NCGA Assistant Superintendent Bootcamp
Meeting is a NCGA supported event that offers education for up and coming Assistant Superintendents trying to make that next step towards becoming a Superintendent.

Regional Meetings
These are informal meetings that offer some education and opportunity for members to sharing information.

December Meeting
This is a holiday meeting in Monterey for our member and guests.

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A meeting notice is sent to the members approximately three weeks before each monthly meeting by email and posted on our website. It will describe the meeting location, the agenda, the education topics and speakers, and the cost, and whether golf will be offered. Registration for the event consists of completing the online registration form and paying for your portion of the event. We establish a cut-off date, or registration deadline, as a courtesy to the host superintendent to give their staff time to prepare for the meeting. Reservations made after the registration deadline will be assessed  $20.00 late registration fee.

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We request you register online ( in advance of the meeting. All reservations are subject to the reservation deadline on the meeting notice deadline.

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If you have made reservations for an upcoming meeting and cannot attend, please call and cancel by the cancellation date noted on the meeting notice. Your fees will be credited in full if you cancel by the appropriate date. Anyone not canceling by the cancellation date noted on the meeting notice forfeits their entire fee.

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In order to assure the association does not have to carry receivables for extended periods, there will be a 90-day limit on outstanding receivables. All balances more than 30 days will receive a late fee of $25.00. If a meeting fee, advertising placement, sponsorship or any other fee is outstanding for more than 90 days, the member whose account is in arrears will be required to clear this fee up prior to being able to attend another meeting. Any monies owed to the association at the time of renewal must be paid in order for a member’s renewal to be completed.

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On the day of the meeting, a registration table is set up for check-in. Please check in at the registration table FIRST. In order to get an accurate count for the club, we must know how many attend. The next step is to check in with the Golf Chairman for pairing and tee assignments. If you wish to play in a particular twosome or foursome, please be sure to include that information on your registration.

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Appropriate attire is requested for all meetings. As we are the guests of the club that is hosting the meeting, it is important for us to display a professional, courteous image. If there are special requirements for dress at any of the clubs that we attend, you will be notified in the meeting notice.

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You will receive a bi-monthly newsletter that details upcoming meetings, new members, educational offerings, and assorted articles/advertisements that relate to issues and concepts our members deal with on a day-to-day basis. We encourage all members to submit ideas and/or articles to the newsletter editor.

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GCSANC offers scholarships to qualified applicants. Applications available on the website and are emailed to the membership and can be obtained from the Scholarship Committee. Two different scholarships are available – one for turf students and the other for children and grandchildren of members of the association. Application deadline is June 1st for both scholarships.

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GCSANC provides a service to clubs and companies wishing to announce open positions. An email is circulated to Class A, SM, Associate, Affiliate and Student members and added to the website. There is a charge for the service.

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Golf course equipment and services may be offered for sale on the association classified page “Jason’s List” made available free for members. The Association makes no representation regarding equipment.

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